Angieland Photoshoot!

Ok… So here is my crazy story about my photoshoot with Miss Fanny Shakesalot aka Angieland!

I get a call on Wednesday from Angie saying “Come to Tennessee!” and who can resist a girl in need of a photoshoot! Not Mia BigTease:) So I hoped in car and headed south! Two days driving through the heartland of America listenin to southern rock music and country twang!

Seeing Angie’s smiling face when I arrived was definately worth the drive and Tennessee is beautiful! Starting out our photoshoot we headed down to the fishin dock to get the “Holy Catfish” picture. Angie had on a flannel shirt and boots! Just a flannel shirt and boots! Definately Tennessee sexy!

We got some amazing shots down by that lake and I’m sure Angie’s neighbors did too! Lucky them is all I have to say about that. We next went up to the deck where she whipped on some camoflage stilleto boots and a cut off wifebeater with tiny black thong panties! Redneck Sexy all the way!!! and soo much fun!

We next headed inside to start our Valentines Day shots with a pretty red heart necklace and silver bottoms. My favorite by far is the pictures of her upstairs sitting on a dresser reading a book about Elvis!!! I LOVE ELVIS by the way! And how appropriate considering we were very close to Memphis. All that was covering her was the book. It was a great tribute to the King of Rock and Roll and the Queen of Rock Burlesque! I took quite a few other pictures of her that day that will knock your socks off… I know they made me blush and I believe the camera fogged up a few times because Angie was smokin hot!

I left out that next day and flew out of Memphis because of a crazy blizzard across the midwest. The great thing about that was I then visited Graceland before leaving. It brought tears to my eyes! I have always been a huge Elvis fan and what a blessing to be able to see his home. I was so excited for that experience but so sad I had to leave my best friend! It’s so rare that we get to spend quality girl time together these days.

So back to South Dakota I go. Into freezing -20 below weather.  Good thing Daytona Bike Week is coming up and looks like Flaunt may be making an appearance or two there:) Stay tuned for more details on where we will be.

To all who may be interested in having a photoshoot done my photography business is Awna Artography ( and we can book you a shoot through AMPT Productions Agency. Just message us at for more information on how to have Mia Bigtease do a Flauntastic Photoshoot just for you!

Kisses and Spanks

Mia BigTease!

PS.. Look for the Angie aka Fanny Shakesalot photos coming soon to!

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  1. Julie says:

    I love the pic of Angie she is sooooooooooooo HOT. Baby or no Baby You will be back to your great body in no time just like this beauty shot.

    • Redondo Beach Bunny says:

      So true I got my bod right back after I had my 2 children. And I still look good. You are a beautiful Girl. You all need rt

      • Redondo Beach Bunny says:

        Is to enjoy the time when the baby is growing it is the best time of my life. By the way you look great in the pictures. I wish that you all had more to buy in the store. Calenders,T-Shirts,Videos,bumper stickers. You name it. I know that I would buy it. Just a tank with the name flaunt in a nice script would be great. I would join the team but, Iv gotten to old.So let me know if you need any more ideas Angie. Redondo Beach Bunny AKA Lisa

  2. Larry Goodman says:


  3. David says:

    is the wonderful Angie having a baby


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