The Flaunt Girls want you to have some EYE CANDY!!!

Happy Valentines Day from yours truly! We had so much fun making a sweet treat for you this Valentines Day. Each of the Flaunt Girls is delicious in there own way. ¬†Whether you would like to “taste the rainbow” or maybe you want something that “melts in your mouth… not in your hand” we have the flavor for you! he he ;) Many of these prints will be available as 8×10 signed prints. Check out the Flaunt Store for our latest merchandise:)

Kisses and Spanks

Mia Bigtease aka Breawna:)





3 Responses to “The Flaunt Girls want you to have some EYE CANDY!!!”

  1. I love you girls, you work hard an it shows, the best show in the world.thanks for sharing..lots of love from kentucky.

  2. Sgt Rick Garcia USA Ret says:

    I respect and enjoy the Flaunt Girls, Mia Bigtease aka Breawna is a bar of gold


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